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Ronald J. McCray

Ronald J. McCray formerly identified as gay for six years. On October 18th, 2009, he had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and began to walk out his journey of freedom from homosexuality.


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Is God

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he is?

In a world that accepts the idea that homosexuality is an absolute, Ronald J. McCray’s personal narrative affirms that change is possible. In Is God Who He Says He Is?, Ronald invites his readers to walk alongside him throughout his life and his journey within the LGBT+ community. During his childhood, he experienced sexual trauma, rejection, and abandonment — introducing the curiosity of same-sex attraction. He fully embraced a gay identity at the age of sixteen and lived life as a gay man for six years. He would soon travel down a path of promiscuity, depression and wrestle with suicidal ideation. 


At the end of his rope — feeling destitute, broken and hopeless — he asked, “Is God who He says He is?” Can God really change someone’s life? Can God mend a heart that is broken? In this compelling autobiography, Is God Who He Says He Is? endeavors to finally provide answers to these questions.

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